My keynote for Ethereum Devcon: without the rule of law, crypto fails

I was one of the keynote speakers at last week’s Ethereum Devcon in Prague, where I gave a talk called “Decentralize, Democratize, or Die,” about the way that bad tech policy (crypto backdoors, the DMCA’s ban on security disclosures, etc) come from weak states where the super-rich get to call the shots, and how things […]

Using machine learning to teach robots to get dressed

In the Siggraph 2018 paper Learning to Dress: Synthesizing Human Dressing Motion via Deep Reinforcement Learning, a Georgia Institute of Technology/Google Brain research team describe how they taught body-shame to an AI, leaving it with an unstoppable compulsion to clothe itself before the frowning mien of God.

4K live stream

I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

Make the most of Microsoft Office with this comprehensive course

Microsoft Office tools were created to save you time. We take that for granted in the modern office, but if you truly want to learn how to spur those old Office warhorses like Excel and PowerPoint, there’s no better investment than the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle. This online training course is suitable for […]

To Protect and Server: The tale of the tape on two top VPNs

Thanks to savvy hackers, desperate ad companies, and increasingly lax government oversight of the internet it’s a good bet that even your nana knows what a VPN is by now. In the best case, Virtual Private Networks are essentially an underground railroad, whizzing you from destination to destination through a secure server that hides your […]

This gimbal brings ‘cinema quality’ to your smartphone pics

Even on outdated models, smartphones have imaging technology that puts the compact cameras of just a decade ago to shame. If you really care about the pictures you take, stop treating your smartphone camera like just another app. It can shoot cinema-quality video and photos with the right tools, and the Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal might […]

Bruce Sterling on architecture, design, science fiction, futurism and involuntary parks

In 1918, there was plenty of speculation about 2018; in 2018, no one is talking about 2118. Bruce Sterling discusses the relationship of industrial design to science fiction; the New Aesthetic and Turinese architecture; and many other subjects with Benjamin Bratton. (via Beyond the Beyond)