Month: January 2018


Pioneer architect John Portman dead at 93

John Portman, who pioneered modern hotel design and whose reach spanned from his native United States to Asia, has died aged 93, his firm said on Saturday. “A pioneering architect, entrepreneur, artist and philanthropist, Mr Portman changed the skylines of...Read More

Birmingham architect named ‘rising star’

Birmingham architect Steve Townsend has been named a ‘rising star’ of the region’s property sector at an annual awards. Mr Townsend, who works for Associated Architects, won the accolade for the Midlands and East Anglia region at the NextGen Awards...Read More

Top 3 Issues Facing Architecture

Guest post by A. Zahner Company (Originally published on the Zahner blog) Recently, we issued a survey asking architects, engineers, artists, and contractors to describe some of their pain points regarding collaborative construction processes today. Our hope is that by...Read More