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Probably the one and only website of it’s kind,, a company based in Singapore is an online platform dedicated to the matching of construction safety nets and ropes between international buyers and factories based in Shandong, China.  Temasek-Nets was conceived with the sole purpose of helping international buyers procure quality and cost effective construction safety nets and ropes.

Being a Singapore company provides us with insights to what international buyers require and with our local connection direct with factories, we aim to provide a seamless experience in helping buyers connect with factories that manufacture construction safety nets and ropes.

In many online portals, many middle men (distributors or wholesalers) try to pass off as manufacturers. This result is higher markup prices for customers. work directly with factories and we believe this will result in better prices and quality management for our buyers.

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Our mission is to bring the best manufacturers to the world market through platform.

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Temasek-Nets is one of the fastest growing construction safety nets and ropes online platforms which is housed in Singapore. Temasek-Nets was made with the sole purpose which provide safety nets and ropes of the finest quality to construction companies. Thanks to our vast experience gained through trial and error while being active in the industry for well over a decade we have successfully established ourselves in the construction market both for regional and international construction companies. Temasek-Nets provides you with ideal safety netting and roping solutions that will make any construction site as safe as possible drastically reducing the occurrences of any mishaps or casualties that might occur otherwise.

Jute Products

most affordable natural fibers

Jute is in great demand as a result of its cheapness, softness, length, lustre as well as uniformity of its fiber. It is called the ‘brown paper bag’ as it is also made use of to keep rice, wheat, grains, and so on. It is additionally called the ‘golden fibre’ due to its versatile nature.

Jute Twine

Jute is a type of plant fiber used making common items such as rope, twine, chair coverings, drapes, sacks, hessian towel, carpets, and even the support used on linoleum. This is completed by spinning the fiber right into a crude string. Although that jute has the tendency to be rough in structure, fine threads of it are often made use of to develop replica silk. Additionally, it is significantly being considered as an alternative resource for making paper, rather than reducing trees for pulp.


Located in the 1st district of Brooklyn, the Monaco Office Complex has an approximate effective area of 19,000 sqm.


Located in the 1st district of Brooklyn, the Monaco Office Complex has an approximate effective area of 19,000 sqm.

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